Sometimes a conventional office chair is not enough. This category caters for high bodyweight, large stature and the need for highly abrasion-resistant materials. Office chairs designed for loads of 120-200kg, big/tall users or 24-hour, intensive use. More information on heavy-duty chairs:
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Office chairs – simply sit ergonomically

Modern office chairs are designed to provide optimum seating for a large range of people. However, there are always special cases - and for this, we have customized solutions in this category.

Persons who are over 190cm often have problems finding the appropriate office chair. HJH Office offers swivel chairs and executive chairs, which are also suitable for body sizes exceeding 200cm. Also, persons with a higher body weight will find numerous suitable chairs. These chairs are particularly sturdy and thus offer maximum safety. At the same time, the dimensions are so designed that you do not feel constrained while seated.

We also offer office furniture for shift operations, with particularly abrasion-resistant fabrics and high-quality mechanics.

Persons with high body weight

Most office chairs and executive chairs are designed for weights up to 110kg. However, persons with high body weight can still sit comfortably on so-called heavy duty chairs. The chair mechanism as well as the upholstery are designed for the extra load. Thus, XXL chairs offer more comfort and at the same time the best possible safety.

Be aware of your back health

Studies have proven that the correct choice of the chair is of tremendous importance. The modern "Office worker" spends up to eight hours a day sitting. Choose a high-quality product so that your back, intervertebral discs and joints will not unnecessarily suffer.