Sit comfortably in the office - high-quality swivel chairs at excellent prices. Our office chairs couple form with function: avant-garde design and ergonomic body support relieve the back muscles and spinal discs to assure comfortable posture. Take the test yourself! Further information on the selection of office chairs.
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The Right Office Chair – Important to Your Health

An office chair should be well upholstered, support the back and – courtesy of chair castors and a swivel base – be flexible and mobile. Studies show that choosing the right office chair is of considerable importance. The modern “office dweller” spends some eight hours a day sitting down. To prevent consequent damage to your back, spinal discs and joints, the office chair needs to be disposed of some vital functions. Ergonomic swivel chairs for deskwork are adjustable to individual body shape. They should be height adjustable, and armrests as well as the back and neck rests should also be as adjustable as possible. Further, it is important to adjust the chair mechanism to your bodyweight. Only a correctly adjusted chair will enhance dynamic, back-relieving posture, which in turn promotes the circulation of blood to the muscles and takes pressure off the spinal discs.

For more information on this topic, please view our information pages on Buyer Advice and Ergonomic Posture.

Customer Orientation

To make it easier to find the right chair, we have developed the following categories: Home Office is for low-priced, entry-level chairs for up to four hours of daily use, Professional Office is for longer periods of use, and High End offers the best in quality and materials.

A Variety of Options for Use

Even outside the classic office environment, office chairs are attracting more and more attention. A large number of people have established a home office, including students, self-employed people and employees. These groups should ensure healthy posture and make an ergonomic desk chair a priority. Even if you spend as little as one hour per day sitting down, an ergonomic desk chair helps to avoid back and disc problems, and you will immediately feel its advantages.