Our popular gaming chairs are not only admired in the eSports scene. The passionate player is attracted to the robust materials, high-quality workmanship and attention to detail. The most important requirement, besides the unusual design of a gaming chair: is its uncompromising comfort. Other requirements that distinguish our gaming chairs, are trendy and modern design, and the versatile adjustment possibilities with which the chair can be individually adapted to the needs of the user.
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Racing Chairs

The right chair is essential to the gaming experience. Most gaming chairs are based on sports car seats and mirror the aesthetics of professional racing. These chairs are not only incredibly comfortable but also provide enough lateral support to withstand the most heated of virtual battles. And just like sports car seats, gaming chairs are available in countless materials and colours. From trendy mesh to classic faux leather and materials that mould to your body, browse though our range and pick your favourite!

E-Sports at Home!

The competitive gaming scene has become a market to be reckoned with. Large trade fairs regularly take place all over the globe, attracting and mesmerising visitors of all ages. Aside from current video games, “hardware” trends should also be taken into account. Not only are the games are becoming increasingly sophisticated; high demands are also placed on hardware and accessories.

Peripherals and Accessories

Apart from the right gaming chair, computer accessories play an important role in e-sports. The ideal gaming mouse is a matter of individual preference, as is the perfect keyboard. The right peripherals can make the all-important, subtle differences in competitive gaming (aside from well-developed reflexes, of course).

Case Modding

Computers are not boring, grey boxes anymore. Today, plain PC casings are tuned up into veritable works of art through “case modding”. Whether you choose to build an extravagant water-cooling system, incorporate plexiglass with colourful lighting or you mod your computer to fit inside a whisky bottle, conceptualise your case mod and go for it!